sumanasa sayanamu sleeping with flowers 01

sumanasa sayanamu-Sleeping with flowers – 01

This project is inspired by Katka Pruskov1. David de los Santos Gil

This concept is very close to my heart and the way these two photographers handled it, their methodology was highly inspiring .Blossoming of a flower is mystical, beautiful and magical. The entire process of nature is awe inspiring.It is a challenge to capture even a moment from this enigmatic process. The beauty colors formation orientation the blooming is like someone dancing with joy.. Each flower and bud has its own style of blooming which will truly inspire you.

i started this journey on August 2014 and completed on December 27 2015 almost 16 months and 3 months summer break (March-June 2015). it taken more than 45,000+ RAW images.

Behind the scene will reveal on Second Part will release on April 8th 2016

Music by: Ayden Blackbird Title: Indian Dreams.

composting by: Prasana Kumar

tech spec:

camera bodies: Canon 550d and 60d

lenses: Tamron 90mm macro and Tamron 24-70 f/2.8

software’s: Magic lantern, Light-room, Adobe After effects and Adobe Premier Pro

diy tripods, lights and stands




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